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Presbyopia or “Old Sightedness” as it has been sometimes known, is a reduction in vision linked to age with normal onset at around 40. This was a condition that W.H. Batesi had himself and which he cured himself of.

Presbyopia Symptoms

The typical symptoms are a loss of visual clarity at different distances, sometimes accompanied with eye-strain, headaches and squinting. People often find that when they need to read books, menus, newspapers etc. , they need to hold these things at arms length to read clearly. Close work is often difficult and associated with strain and fatigue.
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Presbyopia Causes

The traditional viewpoint is that loss of visual capability is associated with the age related changes in the lens and strength of the ciliary muscles diminishing the ability of the eye to accommodate. The changes are inexorable and a loss of normal vision is a normal part of the ageing process.

This viewpoint however was not shared by Bates, nor is it accepted by Natural Vision Practitioners. Bates believes that presbyopia is simply “Hyperopia” occurring in middle age because of strained recti-muscles shortening the eyeball. And whilst Bates recognized that there were age-related changes within the lens and cilary muscles – he discounted these as having anything to do with accommodation and thus nothing to do with the condition.
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Presbyopia - Conventional Treatment

Bi-focal Glasses, contact lenses, or refractive surgery are commonly used to correct Presbyopia by traditional opticians.

Presbyopia - Natural Vision Improvement

From a natural vision point of view many would not be surprised by the increase in blurred vision at middle age. It is often around this time that emotional issues and stresses that have been accumulating start to manifest – often creating more emotional strain and stress. However the most important thing to know is that Presbyopia can be reversed, completely in many cases. And whatever the rights and wrongs of the arguments, steps can be taken to cure it. Presbyopia can be prevented, reversed and substantial improvement, even perfect vision can be achieved using the methods outlined.
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