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Palming - Relaxing the Eyes And Mind

Palmingi is a powerful and simple method for relaxing the eyes and the vision system. It was championed by Dr Batesi MD and is an essential part of all natural vision techniques. Palming can provide almost immediate and measurable vision improvement and is a great way to get started or to demonstrate to sceptics that these methods work!

Palming is NOT an eye exercise - it is an ancient yoga relaxation technique and has many similarities to meditation. Natural vision improvement is mostly about relaxation of the vision system and releasing mental strain and palming is an effective way of achieving this.

How to Palm

Start by sitting in a comfortable chair maintaining a correct posture at all times, paying particular attention to your head, neck and shoulders. Rest your elbows on a pillow or on a table. It is important not to lean forward, keep your feet flat on the floor and do not cross your legs.

Now gently close your eyes and relax. Cup your hands slightly and place the center of your left palm gently over your left eye, resting the bottom of your hand on your cheek. Your hand will run across the bridge of your nose at a roughly 45 degree angle. Now do the same with your right hand. Your right hand fingers should be gently crossing over the left hand fingers over your forehead. Your palms should not be touching your eyes. See Pictures.

Keep yourself relaxed and loose, breath abdominally and stay comfortable. Continue palming for as long a you feel comfortable, anything between 5 to 30 minutes is great. Typically the longer you palm the more significant the benefits but it really does vary from person to person. Experiment and find what time period provides the most benefit for you. There is little point in continuing palming if continuing is going to be stressful, only continue while you can remain relaxed and at ease.

Palming and Breathing

One of the most important aspects of relaxation and therefore of course natural vision improvement is BREATHING. It is so important we have an entire section on breathing here. If you are uncertain on how to breath abdominally then please review that section in order to maximise the benefits of palming. Your breathing should be steady, deep and relaxed. Be aware of your breathing. Remember to breath out fully! Maintain this steady breathing whilst palming.

Palming and Relaxation

The whole purpose of palming is to release mental strain and to relax. So whilst palming avoid ALL stressful or anxiety creating thoughts. Focus on positve thoughts or run through a mental visualisation. Even when your eyes are closed, do not forget to practice proper centralization, thing of things that make you happy. We cover some of the positive mental activities you can practice whilst palming next.

Palming and Positive Thinking

Part of the whole process of vision improvement is to get you into the mental mindset of "Perfect Vision", you have great vision. To achieve this you can use various Positive Thinking techniques such as Positive Affirmations or Visualisations which we cover in the next section. It is also really important to recognise your own visual improvement as it happens, don't just shrug it off - recognise and celebrate your visual achievements. Write up your successes in your vision journali ( You are keeping a vision journal, are'nt you! ).

Here are some examples of Positive Affirmations for Vision Improvement. If you want to find out more about how to create good positive affirmations visit

I see clearly now

My vision is improving everyday

I have perfect vision and see everything clearly


Palming Visualization

Visualization is a very powerful mind technique. It is used to improve the performance of top athletes and business people. You can harness this same power by using your palming as a time to run through a visualization. A visualization is effectively running through a future event picturing your perfect outcome. Athletes use visualization to practice doing their events perfectly and they keep doing it until they have everything perfect and see themselves winning again and again. It has been demonstrated that this kind of visualization practice is as effective as doing the real thing, the mind sees no difference. By the time an athelete gets to the live event, they've already won it many times over in their mind with perfect practised moves.

Use the same technique to power-drive your vision improvement - Imagine yourself seeing everything clearly, sharp vision near and far; take yourself on a journey in your mind, practice your good vision habits and experience the feeling of perfect vision. If you are a site member - try our free visualization audio that takes you on just such  a journey.

Palming Benefits

Palming, done correctly can bring a significant amount of relaxation and rest in a fairly short time. Helping to release the chronic tension built up over time from poor vision habits. Most people find palming valuable and can often report periods of significant vision improvement. Often this vision improvement is seen only briefly or in flashes at first, but over time these improvements last longer and become greater.

Palming Variations

There are a number of ways you can vary palming. Physically, it is possible to do it lying down but doing it standing up is likely to create strain and be ineffective. You can also mix it with other exercises like sunningi. Do 5 minutes sunning and then five minutes palming ( or whatever suits you ).

Palming is a self-healing technique and is a kind of "laying-on of hands". Thse familiar with healing techniques will be aware of the energy fields that run around our bodies. The center of our palms eminate healing energy and by rubbing our hands together about an inch apart ( not actually touching) we can increase the energy flow. Often a slight warming or tingling is felt. Do this just before palming.