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Natural Vision Improvement Overview

Natural Vision Improvement is a holistic approach to better eyesight. It recognises the contribution and importance of all parts of our mind and body to the achievement of clear natural vision.

Vision mostly happens in the visual cortex of the brain and it is the brain that coordinates the delicate process of sight, including control of the muscles in and around the eye. The significant role of the brain in vision is largely skipped over by traditional eye care professionals, however in Natural Vision Improvement it is very important.

Natural Vision improvement is based on the principle that if all aspects of vision are stress free and there are no bad visual habits - then the refractive error conditions of myopiai, hyperopia, presbyopia and astigmatism will naturally self correct and significant visual improvement can be achieved.

The areas that Natural Vision Improvement works on are as follows:

  Understanding the Causes of Poor Vision
  Understanding the causes of poor vision is half way to improving it. Simply knowing about the issues can be enough to start seeing an improvement. Once the issues are understood, behaviours can change and your eyesight can start seeing benefits right away!
  Learning Good Vision Habits
  There are some simple habits, behaviours and vision techniques that can have a dramatic effect on improving eyesight.
  Identifying and Unlearning Bad Habits
  Many people who have blurred vision have also developed some very damaging visual habits. Knowing about these habits and stopping them is key to Natural Vision Improvement.
  Learning to Relax the Eyes and Reduce Eyestrain
  Learn Natural Vision techniques to relax the visual system and relieve the underlying tension that can cause eyesight problems.
  Learning to reduce Dependency on Glasses or Contacts
  If you wear glasses, you will learn how to reduce the damage they can cause and to reduce dependancy on them.
  Resolving Emotional Issues
  Research shows that emotional state affects vision. Long term emotional issues can have a long term influence on eyesight. Identifying and resolving any outstanding stress or emotional issues is an important part of natural Vision improvement.
  Nutritional Changes to Improve Eyesight
  Research shows that some foods, supplements and minerals can be benefical and that some can be harmful. Learn the good from the bad and establish a diet that will give your vision system what it needs to function efficiently.