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Frequently Asked Questions

This is where we respond to the most common questions about Natural Vision Improvement.

Will glasses improve my vision?
If the eye doctor prescribes glasses is it so your eyes get better, so that you can then stop wearing them or to see well and you will need the glasses for the rest of your life?

Glasses will Never improve your eyesight and there is substantial evidence that wearing them may harm your vision. Glasses do enable you to see better at a particular distance, however lenses generally have a fixed focal length, which means they are designed to work best at a fixed distance - any variation from this ideal increases the strain on the eyes. Read the article on the problem with glasses to understand more.

Is Xbox and computer usage making my eyesight worse?
Is it possible to improve my eyesight? I spend alot of my time on the computer and xbox, my vision has deteriorated alot. I can't see words 5 feet in front of me anymore ... help! Do things like eye-exercises or diet help? Or am I out of luck and have to just deal with living with my glasses then eventually contact lenses for the rest of my life?

You are just one of a huge new generation of XBox and PC users who are likely to start experiencing this kind of problem. I recommend going through this site to get practical ideas that can help, but as a quick overview of your question I would recommend the following...