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Eyesight Problems

Eye problems are increasingly common in western societies. This section deals with what are known as "Refractive Eye" Issues. This is where the eye fails to focus correctly, creating blurred vision. Eye diseases are dealt with separately here.

Refractive Eye Problems

The common eye conditions of short and long sightedness, presbyopia and astigmatism are all conditions involving refractive errors of the eye, which means that the eye does not focus light correctly on the back of the eye. The conditions are all treatable, completely naturally and without the need for glasses. Glasses cure nothing, they simply increase the strain on the eyes and can make unaided vision worse.

Myopia - Nearsightedness

Myopia is where images entering the eye are focused in front of the retina, causing blurred vision. This is caused either because the eyeball is elongated or the refractive power of the lens is too strong. All refractive conditions have a psycological or emotional element and this is particularly true with Myopia. Natural Vision Improvement techniques are very effective at reducing or eliminating Myopia. More on Myopia.

Presbyopia - Old Eyes

Presbyopia is sometimes known as "old eyes" as it tends to become apparent at around 40 years of age. Conventional ophthalmology has the view that Presbyopia is an inevitable consequence of age and that nothing can be done about - other than glasses or surgery of course. Natural Vision Practitioners believe that this view is incorrect and know that many people, including Dr. Batesi himself have reversed Presbyopia and retained excellent vision. More on Presbyopia.

Hyperopia - Farsightedness

Hyperopia is where images entering the eye are focussed behind the retina, causing blurred vision. This is usually because the eyeball is too short or the refractive power of the eye too low. Babies are typically hyperopic when they are born and as they grow and mature the hyperopia disappears as the eye shape elongated to its correct spherical shape. More on Hyperopia.


Astigmatism is an optical defect in which vision is blurred due to the inability of the eye to focus an image sharply on the retina. This is usually due to some irregularity in the curvature of the Cornea at the front of the eye. Any mis-shape or twist in the curvature of the Cornea causes distortion and can cause light passing through to focus in a different spot on the retina or at a different focal length. This can distort the visual image and create areas of blur. More on Astigmatism.