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Eyesight Examination and Testing

An Eye Test or Eye Exam is normally carried out by an optometrist or an opthtomologist (eye doctor). These eye professionals are trained to not only test the ability of your eyes to focus without blur but also to examine eyes and detect any other problems that might indicate the presence of disease. Early detection of diseases such as glaucoma or diabetes can save your eyesight, so it is important that if you have any concerns about your sight that you get your eyes tested. From the point of view of Natural Vision Improvement it provides the assurance that if you are experiencing eyesight problems then disease can be eliminated from the potential causes and a measurement by which to measure the improvement in your eyesight established.

Eye Test - Eye Exam Proceedures

When choosing where to have your eye test done, there are a few minimum tests that you will require and a few others that are worth getting if you can ...

  • Eye Examination by Optometrist or Opthtamologist
  • Eye Test using an Eye Chart - tests unaided vision
  • Refraction test, your prescription measurement using a phoropter
  • Interocular Pressure Test (IOP) - go for the non-contact version
  • A discussion and explanation about any problems found
  • Digital Retinal Photograph

Eye tests vary substantially from country to country and place to place but the above should be the very minimum you want, with the exception of Digital Retinal Photography which is a useful reference to keep but not always available.