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Cataract Risk Factors

Cataracti Risks that can be reduced:

  • Heavy drinking and cigarette smoking
  • drugs: some eye drops used to treat eye problems contain steroids. If unsupervised and taken over a long time, they can cause cataracts.
  • diabetes: proper treatment can reduce the risk of cataract
  • dehydration: people who have suffered severe dehydration seem more likely to suffer from cataract. This can result from severe illness (such as cholera), acute heat stroke or even from local customs such as withholding water from women during labour and immediately after giving birth.
  • Not eating a balanced nutritional diet


Risks that can't be reduced:

  • ageing - the single-most important risk factor of cataract
  • genetic predisposition- in 25-50 per cent of cases there is a family history of cataract
  • eye conditions such as short sightedness and inflammation in the eye seem to be linked to cataract
  • Severe trauma to the eye can also be a cause.
  • environmental factors - cataract occurs more often and at an earlier age in developing countries
  • daylight - there is a controvercial and unproven theory that ultraviolet light worsens cataract.