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Bates Method Curing Cataract

Batesi wrote extensively about Cataracti and documented several cures using his methods. He believed that Cataract could be cured by reducing mental strain and wrote about several case studies of Cataract cure. His article "Cataract: It's Cause And Cure " in the 1921 January issue of "Better Eyesight" Magazine outlined his cure for Cataract.

In the June 1929 issue of "Better Eyesight" he had this to say about Cataracts.

"Cataract occurs in a small percentage of persons with imperfect sight. One and the same method of treatment for all cases of cataract is not advised. It has been demonstrated and frequently published in this magazine that the cause of the opacity in the lens is a strain, a stare, an effort to see. When the strain is removed by relaxation methods, the cataract disappears and good or perfect sight is obtained without an operation of any kind. This being true, the removal of the cataract by some sort of an operation is the same as it would be to amputate the foot to cure rheumatism of the big toe".