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William Horatio Bates

William Horatio Bates MDWilliam H Bates was a medical doctor born in 1860. He devoted much of his life to researching vision and helping his patients improve their vision. He questioned the orthadox view on how vision problems should be treated that clashed with the established views of Opthamology. He believed that glasses were bad for eyes and that refractive errors in particular were the result of mental strain and poor vision habits. He developed techniques for his clients that helped relieve mental strain and encourage good vision habits. He obtained great success. His work however remains controversial and is often attacked by the establishment. Despite this, the truth remains - His methods work, this can be attested to by thousands who have benefited from his techniques. His work has become the foundation of many natural vision programmes. More on W.H Bates MD.

Perfect Eyesight Without Glasses

In 1919 Bates produced his seminal book on vision called "Perfect Eyesight Without Glasses". In it he outlined all his experiments, research and practical experiences in curing peoples eyesight problems. He was an extremely active practitioner and saw thousands of clients - his experience was second to none. The book outlined in practical terms how to treat Myopiai, Hyperopia, Presbyopia, Astigmatism, Squint and Amblyopia. He also claimed his methods worked for Glaucoma, Cataracts and some other eye diseases. He provides details of his most important techniques and how to use them. Visitors can read "Perfect Eyesight Without Glasses" for free online here.

The Bates Method

The primary principle behind the Bates Method is that poor eyesight is caused by mental strain and poor vision habits. Mental strain affects the muscles of the eye and causes refractive errors. Using glasses locks in this refractive error and leads to further strain and a vicious cycle is created. Poor vision habits also contribute to the problem. The Bates Method provides a series of simple techniques designed to rectify these issues. The Bates Method is the foundation of our Natural Vision Program. More on the bates Method.

Better Eyesight Magazine

Between 1919 and June 1930 Dr. Bates and his assistant Emily produced a magzine called "Better Eyesight". Dr Bates used the monthly magazine to publish more articles on eyesight as well as detailing interesting cases that arrived in his clinic in New York. These articles provide interesting additional information about Bates methods. You can read some of these "Better Eyesight" articles here.